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Celebrating 100 Years and our Ministry with Week of Compassion

     After collecting soup, socks, and baby food during the first three months of our celebration, we’ll be honoring our 100 years in February by celebrating and supporting the ministry of the Week of Compassion.      
     However, instead of collecting 100 items to share this month, we’re encouraging you to make a special gift to our annual special offering as we explore 100 ways Week of Compassion has made a difference! Here are just a few things that our history and Week of Compassion have in common:

*The first “Brotherhood Dinner” was held in 1938 to raise money to “help in the advance of the world causes of the brotherhood.” (“Brotherhood” was a name we Disciples once used to describe ourselves.) During this same year we began construction on our church building here at Veneta Avenue and 9th Street.
*The first official “Week of Compassion” offering was held from Feb. 20-27 in 1944, the same year that we installed a new pulpit and pews in our building. We added our two manual Moeller pipe organ in 1945, and dedicated the building and organ on April 8, 1945.
*In 1984, Week of Compassion collects $2,000,000 in gifts for the first time! During this year, “our gifts to Week of Compassion reflect the generosity of F.C.C.,” according to our official history, even as we raised $30,000 for building renovations and celebrated our 65th anniversary.
*Supported by the Oreon E. Scott Foundation and Church World Service, Disciple seminarians traveled to Bosnia-Herzegovina to witness the ministry of Week of Compassion. Pastor Clint made this trip with 5 other seminarians in 2008.
*Today, your gifts continue to make a difference in the lives of people from Washington state to Western Africa and beyond. Please consider supporting our 100th year of ministry by giving to this amazing ministry.

Honoring 100 Years of
“Ministry and Service”

Our goal to honor 100 years of ministry for January, 2019 is to collect 100 jars of baby food! Why baby food you ask?  Bremerton First Christian Church has a long history of
Women’s Ministry and has been very supportive over the years of the YWCA “Alive Shelter,” which houses women and their children who are victims of domestic violence in a safe & secure place. This baby food will honor both our ministry and their great work!

In our worship service on January 6, we will share “Women’s Work Is Never Done,” a history of our women’s ministry from the beginnings of the Ladies Aid Society to our current Disciple Women’s Ministry. This represents countless amazing service projects and vast amounts of fundraising to support work here and around the globe. 

Our December, 2018 collection 100 pairs of socks is well on its way to being met, but we will still gather your socks and other warm clothing items for our Longest Night Vigil on
December 21, 2018. These gifts glorify God as we share the love of Christ with the world around us in this meaningful and needed way!

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