First Christian Church of Bremerton
Disciples of Christ
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Serving in Ministry

Building Committee
This committee oversees any major improvement or building projects of the congregation including planning, recommendations and implementations.

Service to the ongoing life of the congregation

Continuing Education
This committee's purpose is to honor our graduates with a timely gift at graduation and to provide access to a one time scholarship to be used for school books or tuition. They also strive to keep up to date with our graduates on their higher education progress and their activities when they enter the workforce.

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This group, which is elected by the congregation, cooperates with the elders and the pastor in carrying out the pastoral ministry of the church which includes an active visitation program. They assist in the various functions of the church in the preparation and serving of communion. Diaconate members assist in the teaching and administrative program of the church through the functional departments.

This department's role is to develop an effective program of Christian Education for all ages. This includes setting policy, selecting curriculum, supporting and encouraging teachers and making space allotments. Education is also responsible for planning youth activities and leadership training.

Financial Support

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"Hands-on" community service

Long Range Planning
This committee will look towards the church's future by creating a vision subcommittee that will look at immediate and long term goals for meeting the mission statement and expanding the ministry and call of Jesus Christ.

This committee will comprise the Journey of Discovery - Living Into God's Call, a transformational process that will guide the congregation to live faithfully into the future. This journey will entail broad congregational participation as all participate in a spiritual formation process. The training support will come from Regional Consultants trained by the Center for Parish Development. This strategy is at minimal a three year process but it may take longer.

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Maintain contact with the entire church membership; to welcome, integrate and assimilate each person into the life and fellowship of the faith community. This committee will share the love of Christ and contribute to fostering and nurturing relationships within the faith community. Membership will provide records for the Board of those received into membership through transfer or baptism.

Nominating Committee
This committee is appointed to nominate candidates for officers of the church. It consists of an appointed chair and other committee leaders as well as two members-at-large.

This committee is responsible for hiring any needed replacements for the current church staff. Personnel meets with each employee semi-annually for the purpose of reviewing the job and ascertaining any needs or concerns of the employee or the congregation.

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This ministry is responsible, in cooperation with the trustees, for keeping all property and equipment in proper condition. Property is also responsible for studying the needs of the congregation and making recommendations for improvement.

Stewardship and Finance
This department seeks to develop within the membership an understanding of the full meaning of Christian stewardship. First Christian Church holds to the highest standards of accountability and responsible administration of the blessings God has given us. Stewardship & Finance prepares the church's annual budget, administers the distribution of funds as specified by the current budget. This department conducts the annual Stewardship Campaign and reviews any mid-year budget changes.

Global Missions
This is the outreach arm of the church that contributes to the needs of the faith community, Kitsap county and the global community. This department will raise the conscience of social justice concerns in local and global mission. Wider ministries will inform the faith community of programs that will help participation as Christ's body in the world.

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This department takes leadership in planning and scheduling people to serve in the various parts of the services including communion preparation and service. They serve in a supportive role to the Pastor in the area of worship including baptisms and funerals. Special worship events throughout the year are coordinated through this department including Christmas, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost and Thanksgiving. The Worship Department seeks to enrich the personal and family devotional life of the congregation. It also consults with the Personnel Department in selecting the organist and choir director.