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The Preacher’s Post: I honestly had no idea...

… that when I hinted in last month’s column that change was in the air, what I should’ve said was that change was in the water, and not in the way we might expect! The surprise of finding water standing in the basement and then working these past couple weeks with a cleanup team to open the walls and dry them out was not what I had in mind when I wrote that article – and I’m sure it wasn’t what any of you were thinking, either. Unfortunately, there are still headaches to come. We’ll have to remove the flooring throughout the basement – which means asbestos abatement – and then we still have to do the reconstruction work after that gets finished. Thankfully, however, one big headache has been avoided: we have insurance.
    Being able to count on our insurance company to take care of us during this difficult time has given me a couple of laughs along the way thinking about how insurance coverage is kind of like God’s grace. But after joking about how God’s grace doesn’t come with deductibles, I started reflecting on God’s grace a little more seriously. While there are some obvious comparisons between grace and insurance – like knowing that we can count on the both when life surprises us – I realized that with grace there’s a little something more. Insurance companies work hard to help us minimize risks – and therefor minimize costs – but God works a little differently. Knowing that we can learn from our failings, God’s grace doesn’t seek to minimize any perceived risk to God, but instead encourages us to take risks on God’s behalf! Frankly, grace is as much about getting back to work after being forgiven as it is about the forgiveness in the first place!
    While I honestly had no idea at the beginning of this article, here at the end of this column I have an idea I’d like to share: let’s go take a risk or two on God’s behalf! We’re getting ready to start our next 100 years of ministry, and it’s safe to say that they won’t look like our first 100 years, so we’ll have to figure this all out. Learning how to share and live the Gospel in a new millennium is going to require some trial and error on our part, and the good news is that God’s grace is going to see us through. So, let’s buckle up and see where God takes us. I have a feeling it’s going to be an interesting ride!

Yours on the Journey,

Current Focus


First Christian Church of Bremerton is a diverse group of people seeking to respond to the vision of God's purpose revealed through Jesus the Christ.
     We believe this vision calls us to be an intentional community, which engages persons in Christian practices. These practices include the Lord's Supper, joyful worship, Bible Study, prayer, service, and inclusive hospitality. We anticipate being open to all people, discerning how we can respond to needs within and beyond our congregation. As a community we will listen to and bear one another's burdens, and work on behalf of justice for all God's people.
     To embrace and manifest Christ-like relationships in our community, we desire to communicate Jesus' death on the cross and bear witness to His resurrection as a sign of hope in this world. We seek to realize this hope by finding ways to overcome the forces that degrade, enslave and oppress God's creation.
     In this vision we seek to know, to discern, and to act on the Holy Spirit's guidance to become an expression of God's new creation through our personal gifts and resources. In our actions we strive "to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with [our] God." (Micah 6:8c)