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The congregation of Bremerton First Christian Church welcomes you to our house of worship. Your marriage is meant to be a source of deep joy in your life. We believe this is God's desire for you.

Christian marriage is a sacred and joyous covenant, a gift from God, a holy mystery in which a man and woman become one flesh, an image of the union of Christ and the church.

In the wedding ceremony a woman and a man share their love, joy, and hopes with each other in the presence of God and make public their commitment to one another.

Because of its great significance, every effort should be made to solemnize marriage in a respectful and reverent manner. It is a joyful occasion for celebration. In the midst of celebration, care must be taken to maintain the dignity and holiness of the ceremony that is a service of worship of God.

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The Wedding

You may wish to have a simple wedding or a more formal ceremony. In either type of ceremony there is little difference in the elements of the service and vows to be exchanged. The pastor is responsible for the content of the ceremony and works with the couple to create the service. In the case of a formal wedding, a rehearsal is scheduled preceding the actual ceremony. The pastor and/or the wedding coordinator will conduct the rehearsal. If the wedding is held at First Christian Church, Bremerton, the resident minister is expected to perform the ceremony. Exceptions must be approved by the resident minister. Please call us at 360.373.2444 or email us at for more questions.

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If you would like to plan a reception at the church, please contact the wedding coordiantor and they will help make plans for the reception. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the church building or on the grounds.

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*Sanctuary  $200.00
*Upstairs Chapel  $ 50.00
Pastor  $250.00
Wedding Coordinator  $150.00
Organist  $125.00
Sound Operator*$100.00
Custodian  $100.00
*Coffee House (40-50)  $100.00
*Fellowship Hall

One half of the building use fees (see * above) must be submitted to the church office in advance to reserve a date on the church calendar. Please make checks payable to First Christian Church.

All other fees must be paid in full directly to the Pastor, Wedding Coordinator, Organist, Custodian and *Sound Operator (special exceptions only) prior to the wedding.

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Other Events

First Christian Church offers the use of their facilities for birthdays, anniversaries, and other social events. These events are coordinated through the church Hospitality committee.

Weddings and Memorials fall under the discretion of the minister. Please call the church office at (360)
373-2444 for details.

Room Locations in the Building
There are two different areas in the church where social functions can be held.
  1.  A reception hall downstairs can accommodate a large gathering of about 100-125 (will be ADA ready in February 2012).
  2.  The Coffee House on the main floor is available for smaller groups of about 40-50.

Food and/or Refreshments
The host family will be responsible for the food, cake, paper products and other supplies they would need for their event. Coffee and tea will be provided. We will assist the family with arranging and serving the refreshments, if desired.

A usage fee will be charged for all events. See Memorial Services in this brochure.
            Church members   $50.00
            Non-members       $150.00

Additional fees for the use of the church custodian may apply if needed for set-up and clean-up. This is optional.

Memorial Services
The Hospitality team will arrange receptions following memorial services for members of the congregation. No fee will be charged. Cookies, coffee, tea and punch will be provided. If the family wishes to serve other food, it will be their responsibility to furnish it.

  1.  Smoking or the use of alcohol is prohibited in or near the building.
  2.  Nails and/or tape should not be used on walls.

Making Reservations
When making your plans, please contact the church office at (360) 373-2444 to schedule your event on the church calendar. At that time you will be given the name of a Hospitality Coordinator to assist with the planning.

This information is available in Adobe pdf here: Your_Event.pdf.